Keeping up with the Khan’s…

In an effort to trump ALSBoy’s blog, I thought I would take a gander at starting my own blog…

While perusing through ALSBoy’s blog, youwill find tales of unyielding positivity, courage and strength.  In mine, you will find none of those.  This blog entry will focus on my sister’s recent 31st birthday party and how that event alone should warrant a reality show.  We may not be as hot as the Kardashians, but we are just as looney…

My mom, new to the drinking scene, turned into Tara Reid after Glass #2 of red wine.   After she talked shit to everyone in the room, she made her way to the living room/dance floor and proceeded to ride my brother’s crutches like a horse…we are all just thankful he wasn’t using them at the time.

My 21-year old brother (owner of the said crutches), had a run-in with a cougar…not of the animal category, but of the over 40 category…enough said.

My dad, stone sober and rocking his best Hawaiin shirt danced to Thriller (which played on a loop) and did somersaults on the dance floor, come to think of it, he acts like Tara Reid too.

ALS Boy alternated between reclining back and forth in his sweet wheelchair and joining forces with my boyfriend to make my 14-yr old cousin uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, ALSBoy and Family had to cut out early…

Birthday Girl alternated between telling everyone her new weight, eating mini plates of Afghan food and observing the cougar in her natural habitat.

As for me, I ate and drank way too much – nothing surprising, but boring nonetheless…


~ by farahk83 on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Keeping up with the Khan’s…”

  1. between this and the pictures I feel like I didn’t miss a thing!!

  2. Dude, I love ur dad!

  3. Enjoyed reading ….was laughing so hard that my kids thought I was looney too ….
    PS: your mom forwarded this to me and I am glad she did 🙂

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