What Happens Next?

With my 26th Birthday rapidly approaching (Nov 17th… and I like handbags), I realized I am no longer eligible to be in the throes of my quarter-life crisis…I better get my shit together…STAT.  While being consistently overdrawn, overworked and underpaid, it begs the thought, what happens next?  What do I have to show for my 25 years on this planet?  It can’t just be my good looks and closet full of dresses that are “inappropriate” for work.  While pondering this thought, I came up with a few options….do I:

A)  Buy a toupee and a ferrari and start dating a 21 yr old aerobics instructor?

B)  Start being better with my money, so I will have something to fall back on when shit goes down?

C)  Realize this is as good as it gets and from here on out it just gets worse?  (Seriously, have you seen old people?.. they are just not attractive and talk about SLOW).

D)  Get over it and in the famous words of Jason Bass, “Start making moves, son. You got to shake some hands and kiss some babies.”

Of course, I pick option D (but I can’t say that “A” wasn’t tempting and “B” is probably the smart thing to do).  As another year goes by, I am challenging myself to take risks, and find my passion.

While the previous statement sounds good, to be honest, I will probably just try to watch less TV in the coming year, but hey, that’s a start…

At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t really matter where you are in life, everyone is unhappy with something in their life…the trick is…actually, I don’t t know what the trick is, maybe life just blows, in general?

Although, one thing that has held constant for me – life is soooo much easier when you are good looking.  Seriously, I got  a free latte at Starbucks two weeks ago…take that, Penelope Cruz!


~ by farahk83 on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “What Happens Next?”

  1. Hi Farah,
    If I was you, I would choose Option B and that is the best way to go because Economy is not at all good and it will be like this for sometime. So saving is an excellent idea my Child and you can fall back on it during Rainy days. Also you donot have rich parents so that is one option you cannot fall back on. There will always be Handbags for you and even better ones so hold onto your job abd your Cash.
    You have written beautifully and hopefully your new Business venture will take off….Inshallah.
    LOVE YOU Baby Farah and Happy Birthday with lots of Success.

  2. two words twice: loves it & write more

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