Life and Love in 2010

In a time when a guy says “I love you” to his girlfriend for the first time via Facebook Chat and my mom informs me of a death in the family via email (side note:  my response was a sad face), I am giddy with the thought of never having to actually have a conversation again.  My best friends and I are all guilty of it – one claims, “I’m just not a phone person,” while the other says, “It’s just soooo much easier to keep up with each others’ lives over IM.”  Honestly, the jig is up – I think we should all readily admit that we just don’t feel like talking to one another….it is much easier to pretend to think someone is funny by responding with a hearty “LOL,” than mustering up yet another courtesy laugh at a lame joke.  The same rule applies when responding to your  friend when she tells you about some horrible offense her boyfriend has committed – see text message dramatization below:

Girlfriend:  OMG!   I can’t believe it,  I just caught Boyfriend X cheating!

Me:  OMFG!  What an S.O.B!  Totally sux.  Gotta get back to work.   Drinks? 7pm?

In that brief exchange, I have not only expressed my concern, but offered a solution, as well.

Sometimes I will actually buckle under the pressure and have a conversation and maybe….just maybe…. I feel a glimmer of nostalgia, but then the person on the other end will say the most annoying thing ever and I go back to wishing I never had to hear their voice again.


~ by farahk83 on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Life and Love in 2010”

  1. HAHAH!!!! I love your blog. It is my way of having a convo with you… even though we’re miles and miles apart!

  2. Ha. That was totally my boyfriend…

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