Are you Really Saying that to Me?

Even though I am happily nestled in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that I am safe from random guys hitting on me.   Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t only happen at clubs and bars – it can happen at Starbucks, Target or even the Seafood section at Ralph’s.  The thing that makes these exchanges worthwhile are what these guys come up with and what they think will make the unassuming female putty in their perverted hands.

While I am partial to a Mr. Darcy-esque way of approaching a female, I never seem to experience that.  While leaving Starbucks, a clever gentleman yelled, “Baby, you are so fine, there should be a law against you”…..uhhhh….. a law against me?  Do I look like a gay couple trying to get married?

Walking to my car in the Target parking lot, I hear,  “Hey, girl, you must be a model.”  Ummm…if I was a model, I wouldn’t be walking out of Target with a rice cooker, pantiliners and lightbulbs:

A.)  Models don’t eat rice

B.)  They are too skinny to get their period

C.)  I doubt the photographers are using 97 cent lightbulbs in their photoshoots

As I am sweating like a pig at the gym, a guy sidles up next to me and declares, “I was watching you on that Stairmaster, do you have a boyfriend?”  My response, “Yes.”  His comeback, “Well I have a girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”  Uhhhh….unless you want to watch Gossip Girl and talk about pap smears, I don’t think we have too much in common.

Guys, if you want my opinion (which I will give you anyways), compliment a girl on her style and her cheekbones and I guarantee you will get her number.


~ by farahk83 on March 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Are you Really Saying that to Me?”

  1. I know this was all made up cuz your way to ugly to be hit on. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. they just better not compliment you on your dress or you will ask if they want to borrow it or something…..

  3. hahahhhah Ameer…that was funny

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