I’m not going to lie, I am obsessed with celebrities.  To me, they are not regular people… but beautiful, tan, exfoliated  beings, with the exception of Helen Hunt.  When I saw her having lunch, she looked like an old lady with a gigantic forehead and a serious case of Ugly-Person syndrome.  Okay, back to hot celebrities…

This month, I had the pleasure to come into contact with not one but TWO famous people – Brody Jenner (if you don’t know who he is, then you do not possess a female reproductive system) and USHER (Uterus or no uterus, you know who this guy is).

Interaction #1:

While heading to meet my friend Katie for drinks, I receive a frantic text message, “Are you almost here??  They sat me next to Brody Jenner and it’s uncomfortable.”  Now, I had never been to this particular restaurant, so I wasn’t aware of how close the tables are.  Katie’s geographical description was correct, we were sitting right next to him and his standard group of douchey friends.  When I walked up, I had to squeeze in to my seat right next to his group of friends, while they made comments about particular parts  of my body.  Katie couldn’t function while sitting in a seat facing Brody, so she gave me that awkward responsibility.  We were so close, that Douchey Friend #1 actually commented on a conversation I was having with her and kind of tried to hit on me – I was annoyed that it wasn’t Brody.  Just my luck, that his lame friend hits on me while Brody looks at us with a permanent smirk.  The entire time Katie and I were there, we had to pretend that we didn’t recognize him and that we were too cool.  Since he is a reality star, it’s not okay to be starstruck, but nevertheless, I feverishly texted everyone I knew informing them about my interaction.  It’s safe to say that everyone was very JEALOUS…(at least I keep telling myself that).

Interaction #2:

On a recent work trip to NYC, I was sitting in those “Sky Club” airport lounge things (very “Up in the Air”) with a co-worker when she declared, “I think Usher just walked in.”  I immediately popped out of my chair like a groundhog and rushed over to him…I had every intention to say something to him, but instead I just walked up to him and grinned like an idiot with my mouth open.  We made eye contact and he just kind of looked at me like I was a nutjob.   I ran back to get my camera and when I came back, he had disappeared, most likely trying to avoid our impending awkward encounter.  Later, while waiting to take off, I learned he was on my flight!  I immediately started scheming on how to get up to first class…I was confident that if he got to know me, he would  fall in love with me and offer to financially support Jason and I for the rest of our lives.  Speaking of Jason, when I texted him, “OMG!  Usher just walked in.”  His response, “Sweet, go make a baby and get us paid.”  Seriously, him and I are so on the same page with everything.  Usher is every bit as sexy as he is on TV…you can tell this guy does NOT eat carbs.  In this circumstance, it was a-okay for me to be starstruck and speechless when I saw him…this isn’t some Brody bullshit, this is USHER…

Seriously, people always say that celebs are never that hot in person…but I think they are wrong.  Clearly there is some reason they are famous….Usher and Brody were even hotter in person.  It’s a bruise to the ego when they don’t hit on you, because then you just realize you are regular person pretty and not celebrity pretty.  I think this has been the most disappointing realization for me in my life so far and also the fact that if I ever saw them again, they would never remember me, while I will continue to recount both experiences to everyone I know.


~ by farahk83 on August 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Starstruck…”

  1. Fuckin hysterical. I love your blogs because I get a little bit of u, Farah–even when you are 500 miles away and living a much more exciting life than me. I vote for more blogs.

  2. sooo LA, I love the celeb sightings! I remember when I had an Usher sighting at my local Arrowhead mall!

  3. This is my first time to the Farah blog site. Mostly because I usually get the emails informing me of a new posting when I am at work and Macys is so lame that they have to block all blog/social network sites. Anyway, I am equally as obsessed with celebs. Reality Stars or not. I’ve had multiple encounters in la and hate having to act “cool”. And yes, celebs are way hotter in person! I saw brody at a party with avril at geisha house. He was amazingly beautiful!

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