Mo’ Money, Waaay Less Problems..

As I come to the realization that I consistently have no more  than $16 in my checking account at the end of each month, it begs the thought….do I need to make more money?  The answer is a resounding, “YES!”  Visions of Gucci bags and Louboutins danced in my head….I know, I know I should be thinking about rent and bills and “saving,” ….but the dreaded “rent and bills” will always be there, while the Gucci Spring 2011 handbags (fresh off the runway) will only be available for 3-6 months, at the most….not to mention the limited edition thigh-high spiked Louboutin boots…so really, let’s get some perspective here, okay? Moving on….

I feverishly googled, “Way to Make Side Money,”  and the results were both unexpected and quasi-unhelpful.

Suggestion #1:  Join a Focus Group, As They Pay Anywhere from $75 – $100 for your Opinions.

My Thought:  Wow, this is great – let me go on Craigslist and see when the next Focus Group “casting call” is.  Ummmm…unless I am a single mom with one arm, suffering from Glaucoma, who also happens to be an avid video-gamer, there aren’t very many options.  Call me when there is a focus group for highly attractive, 26 year old females who only eat carbs on the weekends and are obsessed with “Jersey Shore.”

Suggestion #2:  Take your Homemade Crafts to a Flea Market and Sell your Wares.

My Thought:  Uhhh…not sure if my cat -shaped mittens will resonate with anyone.

Suggestion #3:  Drive People  to the Airport (i.e. Strangers, as your friends and family think an airport ride is owed to them, just because they decided to impose on you for the weekend…uhhhh…no offense to my past and future guests)

My Thought:  How is that even a legitimate suggestion?  Picking up random people and depositing them in the front seat of your car, so you can talk about the weather in Houston or some other lame shit?!?  I’m sorry, but I can’t even wrap my mind around this…I mean I know it’s just an airport shuttle on a smaller scale…but at least they have badges and a van.  If I didn’t know me, I would NEVER get in the car with me — never trust someone with sunglasses that cover their entire face (even if they are PRADA)  and  the Britney Spears Greatest Hits CD blaring on the stereo…

Soooo, basically, my only other option is to get a second job….hmmmm….I wonder if the Gucci store is hiring…


~ by farahk83 on September 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mo’ Money, Waaay Less Problems..”

  1. Hi Baby Farah Rani,
    It is so well written.
    As a Mom my suggestion is kep an envelope with you and put 20.00 everytime you get paid and at the end of the year you will have some money with you.

  2. hmmm, should you really not trust someone with the britney spear’s greatest hits cd playing? it sounds like a good time to me!

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