I Regret Looking Way Hot At All Times…

So… I know this is old news, but I just feel the need to pontificate on the whole Kim Kardashian, “I regret posing nude on the cover of  W magazine”  debacle.

I am still confused on why she regrets this decision and kind of seems surprised that she ended up naked on the cover.  Uhhh…at the point when you walk into a magazine shoot, take off all your clothes and stare directly into the camera while it flashes and makes clicking sounds….I am pretty sure you understand what is going on.  She is also quoted as saying, “she thought more parts of her body would be covered,” which begs the question…did you also think that when you released your SEX TAPE?  Was she also confused as to why Ray J didn’t include the shot of her in a turtleneck sweater and black trousers?  I mean, I understand that when you look like her, a brain is the last thing you need, but at least pretend to possess a microscopic ounce of logic.  To be honest, if I was her…I would totally be like, “Yes, I definitely knew I was going to be naked and look how hot I look..everyone else is fat and dumb.”  How is looking hot on a magazine cover a “regret?”  A regret is sleeping with that dude in your dorm who wore a retainer….Kim K can come complain to me after she adds that to her list.

Also, I have noticed that in one of the shots, her booty is blindingly glistening.  I am sorry, but my butt has NEVER glistened like that….even after an hour on that weird rowing machine at the gym in tight spandex pants.  My guess is that her butt falls more on the sweaty side…but I assume that’s not a pretty picture.

Basically, stop with all the fake regrets and modesty.  Just own up to the fact that you are super hot and want the world to immediately feel bad about themselves.  I do that everyday.


~ by farahk83 on October 19, 2010.

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