Too Lazy to be Creative…

Every year, around the last week in October…people put all their energy into thinking of the perfect Halloween costume.  Endless hours are spent going to those weird Halloween shops and buying useless props, to complete their “perfect” ensemble.  Every year, I get lazier and lazier.  The dreaded question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?,” still garners the same answer, “Something slutty,”  however the level of creativity has infinitely declined (sadly, the “slutty” level hasn’t).   A few years ago, I would at least attempt to be creative. One year, I created my own ladybug costume, the next I was one of three (slutty) blind mice.  In recent years, however, I have taken to buying clothes I will definitely wear again and adding some $5 prop from the kids sections in Target.  This year, my laziness has hit a new low – during a recent trip to Forever 21 (where I spent all the money I had set aside for a legitimate costume)…I had an epiphany.  What can I create from my purchases – a baggy but low cut top, huge bracelet and chunky necklace?  That’s it!  I will be the fourth Kardashian – the chunky one (or is that Khloe?)  Don some too tight jeggings, thigh high boots (yes, I wear these to work), oversized handbag,  straighten my hair, add my huge sunglasses, perhaps, a fedora and I am set.  Add my standard, hot, African-American boyfriend and there is no mistaking it!  If that doesn’t work…then I can be any variation of a celebrity just released from rehab…maybe add some white spots under my nostril and ta-dahhhh….I am the ethnic Lindsay Lohan (minus the hot African-American boyfriend, because we all know she is a racist).  The beauty of this, is that I can stroll into work on Monday and no one will be the wiser.  My days of buying the Sexy [Insert Occupation Here] costumes are over!

Hopefully, everyone else is just as lazy as me…


~ by farahk83 on October 27, 2010.

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