Watching Predominantly White People Shows with a Black Dude

While watching last Monday’s episode of “Gossip Girl,” I found myself listening to the commentary of my boyfriend (Black Dude referenced in title) more than the actual dialogue of the show.  At first listen, it was harsh and abrasive, however as the show went on, it became oddly relevant.

As the blonde – haired, blue-eyed, Serena Van der Woodsen vacillates between choosing Nate or Dan – in the background, I hear, “This white bitch is a ho.  She up in here playin’ these poor muthaf***as.”

You know what??  My thoughts exactly.

As the “poor” characters from Brooklyn strategize on video chat as to how to sabotage the rich Upper East Side characters, I hear another nugget of wisdom, “Look at these dumb white bitches all up on G-Chat trying to take these rich ho’s down…they can’t do shit…they need to realize that and stop wasting everyone’s goddamn time.”

Again,  razor-sharp observations.

When the only interracial character emerged in the new season with a svelte new look (yes, he has kept up with all the seasons), his reaction was, “Aww man, what happened to the thick one with the ass?…now she looks just  like the rest of those white skinny ho’s.”

I’m noticing a common denominator here…

How can you NOT agree with all of these insightful thoughts?  Now, not only do I get to watch Gossip Girl every Monday night…I also get to hear poignant commentary, which I guarantee I will not hear anywhere else.


~ by farahk83 on November 26, 2010.

One Response to “Watching Predominantly White People Shows with a Black Dude”

  1. J2 is black?!?

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