The Newest Alternative to Night Clubs…Best Buy?

One particularly quiet Monday night, I got drunk at Island’s Restaurant (I know, I know…too classy for words) and meandered over to the Best Buy next door.  Has anyone ever been to a Best Buy while under the influence?  It is pretty much a club.  It literally has every aspect of a nightclub and/or lounge:

1)  DJ and Turntables in the corner (ie. The Asian guy testing out the “DJ Hero” video game)

2)  Couches and Plasma TVs (ie.  The Home Theater section, where men plant themselves pretending that they are going to buy a TV, but really just want to escape the hell that is their wife and kids).

3)  Dudes in collared shirts wandering around asking, “How I’m doing” (ie. the people who work there who are forced to wear those disgusting blue shirts)

All Best Buy needs is a bar and I would gladly pay a $20 cover to get in…

Next time one of you gets drunk at a family restaurant…please make it a point to go to Best Buy, so I won’t be the only weirdo who gets drunks in Strip Malls.


~ by farahk83 on November 29, 2010.

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