You Know You Are Getting Older When…

  • “Real World” cities start to repeat themselves – Wasn’t it just yesterday that Nichole and I were living in San Diego and stalked the cast?  How they are doing a “new season” in San Diego?  On that note, at the point where you surpass the age to be on any MTV reality show…you are getting old.
  • You have no idea who half the presenters/performers on the MTV Video Music Awards are.
  • Your friend Katie yells at the “damn teenagers” sitting on the stairs in the middle of the movie theater.  Even worse, they looked scared and actually moved.
  • You buy a $650 pair of  AMAZING  suede Chloe boots and every time you wear them, you can’t help but think you should have put that money into a “long-term growth mutual fund.”
  • The fact that you even know what a “long-term growth mutual fund” even is.
  • The check out person at Trader Joe’s ID’s you for the wine, but doesn’t even look at it….they just did it because their manager was standing right there.




~ by farahk83 on September 2, 2011.

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